• 4 Pests That May Be Living In Your Clutter

    13 November 2015

    If your home has had piles of clutter for a while, chances are that pests are using them. Pests are good at utilizing clutter such as using it as a hiding place or as nesting material. They could be living side-by-side with you and you might not even know it. If you have a lot of clutter, here are four pests that may be sharing your home with you. Rodents:

  • Tips For Getting The Insulation That You Need

    2 October 2015

    Studies indicate that approximately 44 percent of your utilities are created by your HVAC system. By taking measures like insulating, you can chop your bill down by between 10 percent and 50 percent. Insulating your home will also keep you more comfortable overall throughout the seasons. If you want to be sure that you are able to upgrade your home in this manner, you'll need to learn about buying insulation, understand the types of insulation available and get an idea of how much it'll cost you.

  • How To Hire Someone With Machine Shop Repair Expertise

    24 August 2015

    Most machines in your company's machine shop are run by computer programming, or CNC. While this usually makes your machines more efficient and precise, it does present some problems with continued functionality and software. If you are not the technical type, you may find that you need extra technical help, either hired from within or hired from outside your company. Here are a few approaches to hiring the machine shop technicians you need who will find and explain the machines' problems in a non-technical way.

  • The Basics of Adding a Laundry Room to Your Multi-Unit Rental Property

    22 July 2015

    If you are a new owner of a multi-unit residential building and want to make a profit from your property, you need to be able to entice reliable tenants. There are many ways to improve your property to make it more attractive. Having an on-site, coin laundry room is one way to impress potential tenants. Keep in mind the following basics of setting up a laundry room with coin-operated machines when you are brainstorming ways to make your apartment building stand out from other rental properties.

  • The Importance of Access to Water at an Oil Field Site

    15 June 2015

    Working in an oil field can be very strenuous and taxing on the body. A proper diet, rest, and appropriate work clothing can all aid in minimizing the harsh effects working in these conditions can have; however, the greatest form of protection is proper hydration. Keeping the body hydrated by drinking plenty of water is essential. If you are tasked with the responsibility of meeting the needs of your team members working on an oil field site, it's imperative that you understand the importance of providing your team with access to water.