4 Pests That May Be Living In Your Clutter

Patrick Lee

If your home has had piles of clutter for a while, chances are that pests are using them. Pests are good at utilizing clutter such as using it as a hiding place or as nesting material. They could be living side-by-side with you and you might not even know it. If you have a lot of clutter, here are four pests that may be sharing your home with you.


Rodents, such as mice and rats, are a major problem in heavily cluttered homes. Clutter not only provides a place for them to hide, it also provides nesting and chewing material. Dirty dishes or unnoticed dropped food also provides a food source. Signs of rodents living in your home include unpleasant smells and small, cigar-shaped feces. They can also be heard scurrying around, especially at night.


Cockroaches also love a cluttered home, especially if the clutter is never disturbed. Cockroaches use clutter to hide and breed in. Like rodents, they take advantage of the fact that cluttered areas are harder to clean and may contain dropped food. Cockroaches, like rodents, are a health hazard. You can often tell if you have cockroaches when you find one, dead or alive or see their pepper-like feces. If you find one, chances are there are more.

Earwigs and silverfish:

Silverfish love to eat paper, and large piles of undisturbed paper are a feast for them. They also like wet, undisturbed piles of clothing. They often go unnoticed until you turn on a light or move things around. With silverfish come earwigs. Earwigs don't care about paper, but they do like to eat silverfish and will be present when a large number of silverfish are present. Other than physically seeing them, they also leave pepper-like feces.

Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs have become a huge problem in many areas. Though they generally live on mattresses, carpets and furniture, they also use clutter as a hiding place, especially clutter that contains cloth or fibers. A common sign of their presence is small spots of blood from their feces which is a result of the blood meal they eat. Bed bugs also leave blood spots when they're crushed. In addition to treating furniture, mattresses and carpets for bed bugs, clutter must be removed to completely eliminate the problem.

Cleaning up the clutter can pinpoint and eliminate these problem pests. If these pests are seen regularly, it may be a sign that your clutter has gotten out of control. If you feel that clutter is overwhelming you, contact a cleaning company, such as Avenue Road Cleaning Inc, that specializes in removing it and will also clean and sanitize your home.