Tips For Getting The Insulation That You Need

Patrick Lee

Studies indicate that approximately 44 percent of your utilities are created by your HVAC system. By taking measures like insulating, you can chop your bill down by between 10 percent and 50 percent. Insulating your home will also keep you more comfortable overall throughout the seasons. If you want to be sure that you are able to upgrade your home in this manner, you'll need to learn about buying insulation, understand the types of insulation available and get an idea of how much it'll cost you. Take advantage of this guide and reach out to an insulation contractor who will assist you. 

Get An Energy And R-Value Audit

The first thing that you should do when you set out to get insulation in your home is to have a contractor come in and provide a quality energy audit. During this energy audit, they will take inventory of your current insulation, if it exists, and assess the R-values, which dictate the amount of insulation needed to protect your home from the thermal conditions in which you live. This can vary by region to region and also depends a lot on the composition of your home. From here, they can also suggest some types of insulation you can take advantage of for your home.

Types Of Insulation

You have a number of options when it comes to selecting the proper type of insulation that you desire.

Foam insulation consists of cell foam material being blown loosely into various walls, crawlspaces and other areas that need insulation. This foam is spongy and expands to a certain level of thickness that will allow it to protect your home from the elements. Rigid foam insulation consists of material that is arranged neatly into sheets and applied inside of areas that need insulation. Rolls and batts insulation consists of blankets packed with insulation fibers that are rolled out in various areas of your home to provide insulation.

The Cost Of Insulation

The insulation contractor that you select for the job will make all the difference in the world. Not only will the they have various levels of experience and professionalism, they will also give you a wide range of prices. On a typical basis, you will pay for your insulation by the square foot. These prices can range between $.63 per square foot to $1.43 per square foot. When accounting for a 8500 ft.² space, the price ranges from approximately $315.04 to $715.88. You may also have to account for a variety of labor costs, travel costs and the addition of extras, such as an extended warranty on your insulation.

Follow these pieces of information and use them as you get the insulation that you need. For more information, contact a supplier like Dewar Western Inc