The Basics of Adding a Laundry Room to Your Multi-Unit Rental Property

Patrick Lee

If you are a new owner of a multi-unit residential building and want to make a profit from your property, you need to be able to entice reliable tenants. There are many ways to improve your property to make it more attractive. Having an on-site, coin laundry room is one way to impress potential tenants. Keep in mind the following basics of setting up a laundry room with coin-operated machines when you are brainstorming ways to make your apartment building stand out from other rental properties.

Benefits and Types of Machines

Your tenants will appreciate not having to haul their laundry to a noisy, self-service laundry facility. With an on-site laundry room, they will not have to leave the property in order to have a supply of clean clothes and linens.

Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of commercial washing machines and dryers to fit your budget and available space.

You can choose from stacked washer-dryer combo machines if you have limited space. For large spaces, you can purchase top or front loading separate machines.


Per Canadian federal law, commercial washing machines and dryers must be energy efficient and have an Energy Star label. Other money and time-saving features of commercial coin-op machines include these:

  • programmable controls to set the price for each load, plus water temperature and cycle options
  • automatic oversudsing protection
  • easy-to-clean lint compartments

Instead of opting for machines that use coins, you can also purchase units that use swipe cards. Tenants can purchase the cards from machines that allow them to reload money on the cards with a debit or credit card and even cash. Instead of collecting coins from each machine, you only have to collect money from the swipe card dispenser.

If you need help selecting the right machines for your laundry room, you can browse the federal government's free database of Energy Star approved washers and dryers.

Decor and Accessories

You should make sure that the laundry room is an attractive area that will impress potential renters and help your tenants feel comfortable.

Keep the space well-lit and paint the walls a light color. Keep the laundry room free of trash and debris like used dryer sheets and lint. Furnish the laundry area with comfortable seats and provide a clothes folding table for your tenants.


Once you decide to create a laundry area, you need to make sure that the room has the proper plumbing and wiring for commercial washer and dryers.

You may need to hire a contractor to install gas, water, and drain lines as well as proper electrical wiring and outlets for large appliances. Make sure that the room has plenty of ventilation and proper lighting.

Once the laundry room is ready for washers and dryers, hire an authorized service representative to install the appliances and conduct annual inspections of the machines.