The Importance of Access to Water at an Oil Field Site

Patrick Lee

Working in an oil field can be very strenuous and taxing on the body. A proper diet, rest, and appropriate work clothing can all aid in minimizing the harsh effects working in these conditions can have; however, the greatest form of protection is proper hydration. Keeping the body hydrated by drinking plenty of water is essential. If you are tasked with the responsibility of meeting the needs of your team members working on an oil field site, it's imperative that you understand the importance of providing your team with access to water.

Importance of Water

Energy—If you keep your team hydrated, they are much more likely to stay energized. When your team is working outside for a long period of time, sweating and exposure to the sun can quickly bring on fatigue, typically known as dehydration. When your team is fatigued there is a greater chance of error and production will typically begin to decline. When your team has access to water and remains hydrated, this can help give them an energy boost.

Medical Complications—A lack of water can lead to a variety of health complications. When your team is actively working at the oil field, they must have have access to fresh water. Otherwise, they are at an increased risk for heat injury. Heat injury can come about quickly and surface as something as minor as cramping or something more severe, such as heat stroke. Ensuring that your team members have an adequate water intake will help avoid them these complications.

Water Delivery Service

A water delivery service can help ensure that everyone is hydrated and protected by delivering drinkable, filtered water right to the site of your oil field. In an oil field site where normal conveniences are unavailable, this type of service can be especially helpful.

As if the convenience of having water on-site is not enough, in many instances, water delivery services offer water that is cleaner than the tap water available from most municipal water sources. Water delivery companies take the time to sanitize their water and transfer it with care, ensuring it is impurity free and fresh. Having this type of service on your job site will help you feel confident that you can avoid any dangers that come along with a lack of water.

Being in an isolated location, such as an oil field, shouldn't prevent you from providing your team with access to clean and fresh water. Partnering with a water delivery service, like The Water Bus water delivery, can help ensure that your team is never without access to water and that they are protected.