5 Safety Tips For Using Your Pressure Vessel

Patrick Lee

If you work in an industrial setting, there is a good chance that your company uses a pressure vessel on a daily basis. Although pressure vessels are considered to be extremely handy for transporting and storing various materials, they can be dangerous in certain situations. Luckily, following these safety tips can help keep everyone in the factory as safe as possible while a pressure vessel is in use:

1. Use the Right Pressure Vessel for Your Company's Needs

Not all pressure vessels should be used for the same things. If you store gas or chemicals, for example, you might need a different type of pressure vessel. For best results, consider having your pressure vessel custom-made. A pressure vessel fabrication company will make a pressure vessel that is designed for your company's needs. Plus, your new pressure vessel should be less prone to problems, and many of these companies offer warranties and will repair your pressure vessel if necessary.

2. Keep it Rust-Free

Rust can cause your pressure vessel to corrode, which can cause holes, leaks and other damage. Keep your pressure vessel clean and dry, and paint it to help prevent rust from forming. If you do spot rust, take the time to sand it off and cover it up with a coat of paint to help prevent dangerous leaks.

3. Use Proper Ventilation

If your pressure vessel is kept indoors, it's important to ensure that there is ample ventilation in the area. Install a ventilation system to help keep the air safe to breathe if there is a leak in your pressure vessel.

4. Create an Inspection Checklist

There should be a routine inspection done on your pressure vessel to ensure that there aren't any leaks or problems. Create a checklist, and have your employees check for leaks on the surface, issues with the fittings and hoses, and other issues. With regular inspections, you can catch problems as soon as they occur.

5. Repair Leaks as Soon as Possible

Even if they are minor, leaks can cause serious issues, such as fires. Repair any leaks as soon as possible, no matter how small and seemingly minor they might be.

Pressure vessels don't have to be dangerous, and you should have no problem using one on a daily basis without any problems. However, it is important to keep yourself and everyone in your factory safe while around your pressure vessel, and following these tips can help. To learn more, contact a company like Moss Fabrication Ltd with any questions or concerns you have.