4 Things to Know Before Hiring a Trucking Company for Heavy Hauls

Patrick Lee

Your business may use trucking companies for various hauls throughout the year, but there are some cases when you need more than a traditional haul moved. Heavy hauls require a little more planning and can mean finding a specialized company skilled in moving these types of loads. Before you hire a trucking company for this type of haul, there are a few things you should know or look for.

Escorts for the Haul

Larger, oversized, and heavy hauls generally require escorts for the trip. This is something that most companies will include in their price quotes. The number of escorts depends greatly on the route the haul will be traveling.

For example, if your haul is leaving Canada and traveling through the United States, you will need a certain number of escorts depending on the state. If you are remaining in Canada, you will need to meet the guidelines for each region.

Required Permits

Permits will be required for the heavy haul, not only for travel within Canada, but also for various border crossings. Some permits are valid for a specified duration of days while other regions of Canada have permits that are based on the trip. For example, if you are travelling within the Alberta region your permit will be for two days, while if you are in British Columbia the permit for heavy hauls is for one trip.  

Weight Limits

Most trucking companies handling heavy hauls will have a weight limit that is specified at the time of your price quote. These weights can range from 6,000 kilogram per axle and up. If you have never dealt with heavy haul loads, you will notice that the overall weight is usually given as a weight per axle rather than a full weight.

You may also see that the weight is also based on the size of the truck tires. If you have doubts regarding if the company can handle the heavy haul you have in mind, describe the amount and weight of the haul for further confirmation.

Communication with All Parties

One of the key things to look for when you choose a trucking company for heavy haul is communication. You want a company that will communicate responsibly with you, the drivers, the escorts, and anyone else involved in the haul. This lets you know that everyone is on the same page for the haul and knows what is going on at all points of the process. Having the right communication is key to getting your haul to it's location as efficiently as possible.

These are just a few things you need to know and to look for when you need a heavy haul handled responsibly. If you are ready to move forward with a price quote, consider contact your trucking company such as Boot Trucking Ltd to discuss the load and any issues you may need clarified. A representative can discuss the load and price quotes with you as well as schedule a date for shipment.