Updating Your Garage Door

Patrick Lee

When you want to change the style of your garage door, you should look into models that open a different way. These doors are a change from the traditional overhead options that many companies sell. Once you have some additional information, you can choose a door that better suits your needs.

Side-Rolling Doors

If you still want a sliding door for your garage, you can choose to install a model that rolls to the side instead of upwards. With this option, the railings for the door are located on the top and bottom of your garage door opening.

To place the door, the installation company will need to secure the bottom railing to the base of your garage floor. The company will also create a small channel inside the floor that the bottom bar fits into, so the railing does not create a large bump in the floor. The upper railing is generally placed behind the top lip of the opening to help conceal it.

This model type is a good choice for those who want a traditional looking garage door but find opening the door upward to be too difficult. Since these doors slide to the side, they are much easier to open and close if you have a bad back. Additionally, most companies also sell garage door openers for this type of door as well.

Side Hinged Doors

Another option uses hinges similar to a traditional house door, so it swings outward to open. Typically, this style has two separate doors, which allows you to open one side when you simply want to walk out of your garage. These doors work well when you plan to use your garage for storage, as a workshop, or for an extra play area for children.

In most cases, this type of door is designed to fit within the existing opening for your garage door. Several companies also make them in single and double garage door sizes.

Unfortunately, if you want to park your car inside your garage, this may not be the best option for your needs. The hinges and location of the door reduce the opening for this area, which makes it difficult to drive a car into the allotted space.

You also need to consider the space you have around your garage as well. Since these doors open outward, they do need more clearance to open.

Before changing your garage door, you should look into some of the alternative options. Understanding these options can help you pick the right type of door for your needs. For more information, contact Crowfoot & Cross Town Garage Door Services or a similar company.